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Lets build something

Like most young boys in the late 80’s, it started with Lego’s.  As long as I can remember I’ve loved making and building. It was one of my first, and longest lasting passions. As time moved on my skills developed, and my eye for design matured. Fast forward a decade or two. I bought my first house in my early twenties, and after multiple remodel jobs, it was time to furnish my space. As it turned out my design tastes were a bit outside my budget. As I studied the furniture I couldn’t afford, I remembered “hey I know how to build things, maybe I should try making this myself”…

 After a few pieces, I started making some things for friends and family. People told me “you should sell these”, I politely brushed the comments off, and kept refining my craft. A few years go by, and I decide my skills are honed enough to offer to the public, and share my passion with others.


I strive to build everything to the best of my ability, and avoid short cuts for quality end results. My goal is to provide heirloom quality products, and provide a special customer experience. I love brain storming with clients to find unique custom solutions for their needs.  Whether it’s a unique dining table for your family to share, or a commercial architectural installation for the office, every inch gets my personal touch and attention.